The Beauty of Zemanta

Richie Mortimer on 16 June, 2009

zemanta-logoSimple point & click enrichment of your blog posts. In real-time, while you type.
We suggest tags, links, photos, and related articles. You save time and aspirin.

5M+ pictures, 5M+ articles. 10M+ possibilities.

Whether you run a blog or write the odd article you will be familiar with this situation.

If like me, you like to include links and images in your articles, you will no doubt like to have a second tab open in your browser with your favorite search engine or reference site ready to search for that image or link to a related article or perhaps you don't include links/images at all because its too much hassle to go and find them?

Well I was pointed in the direction of which runs the most wonderful service!

To put it simply Zemanta is a real time reference library. It offers you link, image and related article suggestions in real time. Making it as simple as a click to instantly enrich your articles. Boasting a wide variety of popular content from the likes of wikipedia, YouTube, IMDb, Amazon (and many more!) Zemanta's instant access to content is a god send, making writing easier and less time consuming.

With the simple click of the mouse, Zemanta instantly inserts links into your content and tags into your metadata, want an image Zemanta has suggested? Simply drag and drop it in. Its as simple and as easy as that!

So having found this wonderful service I wanted of course to use it, well I was in luck, because my next project was handed to me by Dan, to create a Zemanta plugin for Joomla! 1.5.

Well that was last week and this is now, so how did it go? Well you can see the result here, as this post was written with Zemanta, the image you see, the links, all Zemanta. And what's more, I just saved myself a ton of time by doing so.

The Ninja Zemanta plugin can be downloaded from Ninja Forge for free, I highly recommend you download it and start enjoying the beautiful simplicity of it. It will soon be your new (more efficient) best friend.

Ninja Zemanta supports most popular editors for Joomla!
NinjaContent support is coming soon!

Zemanta is also available for free on other platforms, check out the Zemanta site for more details.

Your Response

  • Hi Zach

    currently no, but i have added it to the list - will get it up as soon as possible

  • this is a really nice plugin! I'd really love to see this integrated with My Blog if possible. I know it will be difficult since the myblog editor is a modal dialog, but please let me know if it's possible.

    Thanks and great work!
  • Hi

    I download the plugin and installed it

    The pluging ask me for an API key that show tell me that when we run it for the firts time it will be filled.

    Everything checked ok

    But i dont see anything different in any editor

    Its like the plugin is not instaled

    How we can manage to work with the plugin


    best regards
  • Hi Johnny,

    I am looking into support of myblog, ill let you know if/when i get it in there

    Hi Alexis,

    would you like to take this over to our forums, this way everyone will benefit from any support there.

  • When oh when is this going to be available for J2.5? There are simply no other replacements to utilize zemanta and joomla without this plugin, and I hate using 2.5 without the ninja plugin for it. Please tell me you have a beta kicking around somewhere and need testers? :)
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